Monday, 11 May 2009

I knew he'd get there first!!

Cheeky dog - beat me to the laptop again! Yes Florida was amazing but it was sad to come home to a poorly dog. I think he was pleased to have me back even though I had to give him lots of tablets. Still, he was soon back to normal!!

We decided he deserved a holiday so we took him to Cornwall. He was very good on the train although he didn't like the tube much. He managed to con a few people out of their snacks so it was all good!! I notice he has already posted some pictures, although they are all of him!

I found a couple of excellent wool shops while we were away (of course!!). I can thoroughly recommend Kuiamo Crafts in Fore Street, St Ives and Knit Wits, Causewayhead, Penzance. Thanks to the generosity of my friends who gave me money for my birthday I was able to come home with some Manos del Uruguay silk blend and some amazing yarn by Gedifra (as well as some yarn for a small scarf and some bobbly yarn for a wrap......). We also visited the Cath Kidston shop in St Ives on more than one occasion...! I am going to try to post some piccies of my finished knits (when I finish some - I'm very good at starting things!). It will be nice to have a record of them somewhere.

My favourite place....

I want to go back!

Oh well, off to chop some carrots for Digey's dinner.

At last!!!!

Well, she's finally allowed me back on the computer. I know she had problems with the old one and had to get a new one but really! Anyway, they had their holiday to Florida. They had a nice time but I got a cough. I wouldn't mind but they squirted stuff up my nose to stop me getting kennel cough and then I get it anyway!!!! Still, mummy looked after me and I'm all better now.

We've just got back from St Ives. Yes - I got a holiday. It was fun. Here are some pictures.

I went on a train for the first time (well 8 altogether!). I was VERY brave.

We went on the beach every day. It was fab. Here is a piccy of me on the beach.

Then they made me sit under this sign. I don't know why?????

Well, I'm sure you enjoyed hearing what I've been up to. Hopefully she'll let me have the puter again soon.

XX Digey