Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Silly dog

Digey has bothered his wound so much he has managed to infect it! So he couldn't have his stitches out (well, the ones that are left...) and is now on antibiotics. Good job he's insured! The vet wanted him to have a lampshade but I didn't think any of us could cope with that so he's in one of Colin's old t-shirts. Well, technically it's MY t-shirt as I was given it when I bought a dive computer. As if I'd wear it!!!!! I never liked Colin wearing it so I'm quite pleased Digey has it now. I don't think Colin will want it back.....

Back to the vet tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Look at me!

I've got a sexy t-shirt!

We went to the vee ee tee on Monday and I was supposed to have my stitches out but they didn't do it. Something to do with me pulling one out or something. I thought I was helping. Anyway, now I have to take some tablets and stuff and I have to wear this. Daddy wasn't very pleased as it's his but mummy was as she never liked daddy wearing it. Don't know why....

XX Digey

Monday, 12 April 2010

Fatty lump??!! Hah!

It was a 'gator bite. I was swimming in the lake and it got me but I single pawedly fought it off with no thought for my own personal/doggonal safety.

XX Digey

Ok, Digey, if that's what you want to tell people.......

My brave little soldier

Digey has his lump removed on Friday. It was not a serious lump - just a 'fatty lump', quite common in labs. He was feeling very sorry for himself that evening and couldn't get comfy. He's found a way to sleep now without laying on it!!

We went back to the vet today and she said it was looking good. Since then he's found a way to worry at it and made it bleed. Dogs!! So now he's wandering about in his England t-shirt and looking peeved.

Hurry up and get better, Digey

Thursday, 8 April 2010

It's mummy's birthday today!

Happy birthday mummy, I won't tell anyone you're 44, your secret's safe with me. Hope you liked the bag with a piccy of me I got you.

Love Digey