Saturday, 5 September 2009

I had fun too

I stayed at nanny and grandpa's. We went to the forest and I went in the dog pond. Then I found a BIIIIIG muddy puddle. Nanny called me a name. Should I tell what it was? Mummy says 'no'. Ah well, use your imagination!

I missed my mummy but nanny's biccies cheered me up.

XX Digey

Fun couple of days

It's our wedding anniversary next week so hubby treated us to a posh hotel and a west end show. We couldn't get tickets for next week so we celebrated a week early! We went to see Dirty Dancing at the Aldwych Theatre. Very good although the lead man wasn't as hot as Patrick Swayze in the film! A good mover though, so I suppose that's what counts!! We then had a night at the Hilton in Edgware Road including a full buffet breakfast. I'm not sure that jam doughnuts REALLy count as a breakfast food (along with TWO danish pastries!!) but Colin said they do and as he was eating them I suppose it's up to him.....