Saturday, 28 November 2009

I'm sad......and happy:-)

I'm sad because I've just left my angel pie (aka Digey) at kennels. I know he'll have a super time and be thoroughly spoiled but I miss him already :-(

I'm happy because that means holiday time is here at last!!!! Yay, off to the airport tonight and then off to the sunshine tomorrow! AND they have opened the Gatwick clubhouse a week early so we don't have to go in the V-room after all. Big smiles :-)

I'll try to keep you updated with pictures of sunny beaches, yummy food and super cheap stash but I may just be having too much fun........

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I am 7!!!

Yaaaay. It's my birthday today and I'm 7! I got a nice new collar and lead from Fat Face (I'm so trendy), some toys, a biiiiig chewey bone and lots of bikkies. Mummy made me a nice card and so did nanny. I haven't got my pressie from nanny yet, we are going there tomorrow to make christmas cards so I'll get it then. Hope it's food.

XX Digey

Monday, 9 November 2009


No sign of a BIRTHDAY card? She does know it's on wednesday, doesn't she? Still, my super nose has detected the presence of yummy stuff hidden in the house so maybe she HAS remembered.


Who'd have thought it???????

I'm making Christmas cards!!!!

OK, so I've only done 4 so far but it's a start! They are from a Colorbok kit and I really like them. Mind you, there are 48 cards to make and only 3 different designs so I don't know how long my enthusiasm will last...... Still, there is a bit of variation as you do get lots of extra bits. On to number 5.......