Sunday, 7 March 2010

Just in case

You've forgotten what I look like, here's a picture

Nuff said!

XX Digey

OMG I touched a peel off!!!!!!

AND they made me do decoupage! Despite all this I had an amazing day at I went to the alcohol ink lesson with the talented Andrew and I had a great time, although a bit messy.

We coloured peel offs (yes, I touched one, well two actually!) with alcohol inks. Even I have to grudgingly admit that they looked good but will I be buying any? Hmmm, well the jury's out on that one......

The background is actually the waste from a crossword peel off (I keep using that phrase...), I never would have thought of doing that. The card's not finished but I think it looks good so far.

Then we used an item I'm sure we ALL have in our crafting stash - shaving foam!!!! What a mess but amazing results. Marred somewhat by having to do my first ever piece of decoupage - LOL! The shaving foam technique is incredible, it looks like a right mess but the results are fascinating. Colin may have to grow a beard.

Happy Easter! Alcohol inks are SO versatile. This is just a simple plastic egg but it looks much more exciting now. I did have to draw the line at sticking a peel off on it though. Well, there's only so much shiny sticky stuff I can take in one day.

Pinnacles have a new till and the old till rolls don't fit. So, 12 feet of paper and a lot of inking later we all had a beautiful rose each! Now, where can I buy till rolls....??

Roll on April 17th and Tim Holtz day!! Better get my rubber gloves ready though, I don't think my nails will ever be the same again!!