Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Look what I've got!!!!

Yes! At last, I've got my gypsy. AND it was on sale so only cost $240. What a bargain!!!!

Oh yes, the hotel is nice too!! Well, gotta get my priorities sorted..... The weather is gorgeous. Just about to have a bit of lunch then I think an afternoon in the pool is in order. It's so weird, there are Christmas trees all over the hotel but the sun is cracking the flags. Bizarre!!!

How sunny is it? Take a look!

Colin was thrilled as I have just discovered there is a big scrapbooking expo on here this Friday and Saturday. Will I get to go? Watch this space.......

1 comment:

misteejay said...

I'm sure Colin is absolutely thrilled about the SB expo **rollseyes** LOL

Glad you got your new toy at a bargain price.

Oh, and just to make you feel more Christmassy...we had a very heavy frost here and rain, rain, did I mention we had some rain LOL

Toni :o)