Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cats go to London to look at the Queen.

Dogs go to look at elephants!! This one is called 'Simply Yellow'. Mummy said that's just like me, especially the simply bit. Don't know what that means.

We walked along the Queen's Walk. I didn't see the Queen, even if she was walking. You'd think she would have been there with her corgis but she wasn't. There were soooo many new things to smell I was kept very busy. Then we went into the Galleria and mummy and daddy had chicken and cheese bagels with barbeque sauce. I wanted one with sausage but no one asked me. I got a bit of mummy's though (not a very big bit...)

We walked across Tower Bridge. Mummy said it's fun to stand on either side of the gap at the middle and wait for a big bus to go past. I didn't think it was much fun. I preferred paddling in the water I found near that Galleria. I love having wet paws. I wanted to go for a swim in the big river. I kept pulling daddy over there but he wouldn't let me go in. I don't see why not. Anyway, he can swim so he could have come with me. He's no fun.

We met some men from America who had 4 labradors at home. They said they were missing their doggies and asked if they could fuss me. I let them. I'm good like that.

Then we came home and I FINALLY got my lunch :-)

XX Digey


misteejay said...

Oh poor you - hope you had a lovely lunch. I'm sure Mummy & Daddy didn't want to prevent you from sharing their snack but at least you got a little taster.

Glad you enjoyed all those new smells and things to see - you really are getting to be a very well travelled hound.

Toni :o)

lucy&digey said...

Not a hound! I am a gun dog :-) from a cheeky Digey XXX