Thursday, 24 June 2010

Did I go to Florida, or did I go to......

Harry Potter land was not due to open until the day we came home but we were lucky enough to get a sneaky peak the week before. We had heard that they may be having a 'soft opening' and we happened to be at Islands of Adventure at just the right time. We joined a big crowd begging the officials to let us in and they finally relented as long as we promised to 'walk slowly and NOT RUN'!! Well, we did and it was sooooo worth it - just like stepping into a film set.

We saw a young boy being chosen to receive his wand, we saw Hagrid's Cottage and went on the flight of the Hippogriff.

Of course, we saw the Hogwat's Express, although it wasn't going anywhere. Mind you, I didn't really want to come back to London!!

We also had fish and chips in the Three Broomsticks although we turned down Butterbeer and pumpkin juice in favour of lemonade!

Oh, I've got LOADS more piccies but blogger is being difficult. Maybe I'll upload more later. I couldn't do any while I was away as Windows decided to launch a MAHOOOSIVE update and my poor little netbook's teeny brain couldn't cope. It sat in the drawer and refused to switch on. My IT guru (aka Colin!!) is on the case but it hasn't come out of hiding yet.....

AND guess who sat beside me on the plane coming home??? Well, yes, Colin but ALSO - Dumbledore!! Yes, Sir Michael Gambon was sat in the next suite to me in Upper Class (did I mention we flew upper class? Oh, I did?!). Mind you, I wished he wasn't during the night - the man has rather bad sinus issues!! Ginny Weasly was also on the flight but didn't seem too happy and kept her head under her duvet for most of the flight.

When we landed at Gatwick the trolly dolly announced that we were pulling onto gate 9 3/4 - Colin said that was good as we wouldn't have far to walk. Bless him!

Well, it's nice to be home and out of the 101F temperature and it's good to have my Digey back but if anyone wants to swap washing baskets with me, let me know....!

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misteejay said...

Oooooooooo lucky you, you will have to bring the pics to the crop on Sunday.

Despite your generous offer I think I'll let you keep the washing basket - sorry (LOL).

Toni :o)