Saturday, 30 October 2010

Busy busy busy!!!

Wow! It's been a hectic few weeks!!!!! Well, I'm now a proper student at London South Bank University studying diagnostic radiography. Cool! I've completed the first 5 weeks of my course and I'm loving it. I'm not so sure about the physics though - I haven't done any classes in physics since 1982 (before half my class were even born!!) so I'm just a bit rusty. We do have an excellent (and VERY patient) lecturer though so it's going ok. I have my first clinical placement starting in just over a week so if you're thinking of breaking a bone, best not do it in the Dartford area until December!!

I'm also enjoying (!) the thrills of C2C and London Underground. Having always had jobs where I could walk or drive, taking the train is something of a novelty. And boy are there a LOT of steps on the tube network!! Still, I'm not only going to have a professional qualification at the end of my course but also thighs of steel so it's not all bad!

Back to the books now. Wish me luck in Dartford!!

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misteejay said...

Cheeky monkey...what Christmas invented by when I was born **tut-tut**

Glad you are 'enjoying' the joys of C2C LOL a few more weeks and you will be doing it on autopilot. All the best at Dartford.

Toni :o)