Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I've got a cold bum!!

We went to the Fort today and mummy wanted to take a picture of me. Well, that's understandable but I had to sit IN THE SNOW!!!! OK, she put my cute scarf on but my bum got cold :-(

Mummy says it looks pretty. SHE doesn't have to walk in it with bare paws....

And look at this!! I usually swim in here but not today. Mummy wouldn't even let me go near it. She says it's dangerous. I suppose she has a point.

Anyway, I'm done with snow now so please take it all away. I'm just waiting for Santa now. I think he's already been though as there are yummy smelling things in the spare room. Maybe with the snow he's delivering early. I should be able to have the goodies now in that case, shouldn't I?


1 comment:

misteejay said...

Oh you poor sweetie but it was worth it - super photo.

Santa may have delivered early to avoid the problems with the snow but there is still time for him to come and take the nice 'smells' away if he thinks you have been naughty. Not long to wait now Digey.

Toni :o)