Sunday, 14 June 2009

Yesterday was

Worldwide knit in public day!!! Obviously I HAD to support this important event. I'm not sure this is a great photo of me (!!) but at least I'm knitting in public. We went to Leysdown in Kent and I got out my needles proudly. I don't think anyone actually noticed that I was knitting but at least I had a go. And yes, I know I hold my needles in a weird way but it works for me!!

Digey had a fab time too, paddling in the sea and sunbathing. A good day out for all!

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misteejay said...

Glad I'm not the only one who hold their needles 'funny'. I can hold them 'proper' as my Mum's Aunty used to say but a lot depends on the yarn and what I'm knitting.
Didn't realise about knit in public otherwise I'd have given it a go too.

Toni :o)